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Go 1 Day Painting Is Revolutionizing The Kiwi Painting Industry

Our eco-friendly business is revolutionising the painting industry, giving you the same high-quality finished product you expect without disrupting your family or business for days or weeks. Completing jobs faster allows us to be more efficient, which keeps the price you pay on a quality, professional paint job competitive.

Our Values

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    The Second Biggest Lesson

    The second biggest lesson we’ve learned from being in business is that if you deliver on what you promise, you’ll have happy customers. And the biggest lesson we’ve learned? It’s that if you over-deliver on your promises, not only will you have happy customers, but customers that are loyal to your brand. That’s what we strive to do at Go 1 Day Painting.  We want to exceed your expectations of us, because that means we both win – every time.
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    The Best Painters Result In The Best Finished Product

    All our painters are professionals, they’re licensed, insured and have passed police background checks. We work hard to make sure all interior and exterior painting projects are finished to the highest standard and your property is left exactly as we found it.
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    Quality Workmanship & Follow Up

    We stand behind every job we do and will call you every year during your warranty period to make sure you’re still happy with the work. If you’re not happy in any way – we’d like to know so we can fix it.

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