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Finding a Great Auckland Plumber

At Go 1 Day Painting we often get asked for our recommendation for a trusted Auckland plumber or gas fitter. To help get your residential or commercial plumbing and gas fitting jobs completed quickly and reliably, here in no particular order, are a just a few of the great plumbers in Auckland:

Micron Plumbing

These guys are a family owned Auckland plumbing company. With more than sixteen years of experience plumbing and gas fitting in Auckland, Micron Plumbing offers quality work for jobs of every size and scale. These Auckland plumbers perform work for new houses, renovations, the installation of new.

Auckland Builders and Tradesman

When having building work done on your home or business, choosing the right tradespeople often means the difference between a job finished right the first time, or the need for further costly repairs or alterations. At Go 1 Day Painting we often get asked for recommendations for an Auckland builder or for other property trades or services, so in no particular order, here a few of our picks:

NZ Fascia & Spouting

NZ Fascia & Spouting is one of Auckland’s top spouting contractors. Providing quality and custom work for homeowners and businesses, NZ Fascia & Spouting can handle the most challenging.

Are my tenants just needy or am I being a bad landlord?

They're asking for new curtains, they're asking for a new shower head, they're asking for the office to be painted, they're asking... When you're a property owner and a landlord, it can be hard to know whether you're meeting your tenants' needs in line with the tenancy agreement or lease. Are you being pulled into a trend-crazed home/office improvement mission? Or are you a big bad landlord? Only you, dear landlord, can answer this troubling (and expensive!) question. Let's find out whether your tenants are making reasonable requests or just being "needy". Maintenance, cleanliness, health, safety Here in New Zealand, rental homes have to.