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Real Estate Services

Why Partner With One Day Painting

Whether a client is staging a home, or moving into a do’er upper you can feel confident that you’re recommending a professional, trusted brand that you can rely on to provide quality work every time.

Realtor Referral Programme

If you’re interested in hearing more about the programme just send an email  with your contact details and name to and we’ll be in touch.

Peace Of Mind

All our painters are licensed, insured and bonded professionals who have passed police background checks. Watch out for uninsured painters that may leave property damage or poor workmanship.

Our Workmanship Is Backed Up By Our 5-Year Guarantee

Using our technique perfected over 10 years along with the right amount of people power we’re able to complete painting jobs that would usually take days or weeks in just one day. All the work we do is backed up by our 5-year satisfaction guarantee.