Roof Painting

When it comes to roofs (especially the metal variety) – prevention is 100 times better then a cure.

Painting your roof not only increases the value of your home and makes it look good – it also protects it against corrosion which if left unchecked can result in you having to replace your whole roof.

Types of roofs we paint

These cover 90% of residential roofs in New Zealand.  Not sure if your roof is included? Give us a call on 0508-461-329

Roof Painting

Specialist Roof Painting & Repairs

Painting a roof is a little bit different then painting the rest of your house (for starters it defiantly takes more courage!).  At Go 1 Day Painting we have specialist teams that will look after your roof painting project.

We’re a full service roof painting company which means we can also look after replacing cracked tiles as well as cutting out and replacing rusty metal sections.

Roof Painting Process

  1. The roof will be checked for loose nails, or broken tiles or any areas that show signs of causing a potential leak in the future
  2. Use a biodegradable mould and moss killer to remove any lichen/mould that’s present
  3. Pressure wash the roof, tiled roofs will be pressure washed downwards to avoid water being tracking inside
  4. Use an inactivator on rusty spots and wire brush back to shiny metal (metal roofs only)
  5. Galvanise prime (metal) or seal (concrete) as appropriate
  6. Apply quality roof paint
  7. We’ll dispose of any rubbish and your space will be left spotless

Free Colour Consultation

If choosing paint colours is driving your mad.  We’ll send a qualified colour consultant to help you choose your colour scheme.  Just ask us after you’ve received your quote.

Prices That Don’t Change

At Go 1 Day Painting you’ll receive a detailed written quote outlining the scope of your project.  Our roof painters work from these scopes to ensure your job is finished on time and on budget.

Our accurate, upfront pricing means you’ll never get hit with an unexpected bill you didn’t plan for.