When having building work done on your home or business, choosing the right tradespeople often means the difference between a job finished right the first time, or the need for further costly repairs or alterations. At Go 1 Day Painting we often get asked for recommendations for an Auckland builder or for other property trades or services, so in no particular order, here a few of our picks:

Dan Joint Builders

Dan Joint Builders are Auckland builders that offer one of the most flexible services in the region. Dan Joint and his associates have extensive experience with building new homes that range from budget models, to complex luxury dwellings. The company aims to be the best fit for any job and as a result, Dan Joint Builders can run the complete project management or provide only the labour component.

Dan Joint Builders is a member of the Certified Builders Association and they offer building services that go beyond building homes. Dan Joint Builders provide commercial fit outs, maintenance services, deck building, fence building, retaining walls and more. To contact Dan Joint Builders, visit their site or call 021 241 0676.

Kiwi Paving

Hard landscaping is the specialty of Kiwi Paving. With more than ten years of experience in the construction industry, Kiwi Paving provide expert hard landscaping solutions for those that need paving and other onsite works.

Kiwi Paving does driveways, patios, pool copings, kerbing, and offer free quotes for all of their services. In addition they also specialise in constructing retaining walls, keystone walls, excavation and base preparation.

If you want to get more information about the Auckland paving services offered by Kiwi Paving, they can be contacted through their website or at 027 317 5503.

NZ Fascia & Spouting

NZ Fascia & Spouting is one of Auckland’s top spouting contractors. Providing quality and custom work for homeowners and businesses, NZ Fascia & Spouting can handle the most challenging fascia and sprouting requirements.

The team at NZ Fascia & Spouting can provide spouting work in a variety of colours, designs and materials to best suit your property. Whether it is for a business or a residence, the parts can be machined to make the exact fit for any purpose. NZ Fascia & Spouting also offers a ten-year warranty against leaks.

Beyond building and installing custom Auckland spouting, NZ Fascia & Spouting also offers maintenance services for spouting, flashings, cleanings and roof resealing. NZ Fascia & Spouting is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all of your fascia needs.

Your Builder

Your Builder is one of the premier house builders in Auckland. With Your Builder, you have a full service house building company that can run the project from its inception all the way to the very final stages. The team at Your Builder provides services for building new homes, home renovations, architectural services and project management.

Your Builder prides itself on staying ahead of the curve by being innovative and adaptive. At Your Builder, the use of technologies like cloud-based project management software not only helps to keep things on track and running smoothly, but it also provides clients with a level of transparency that you wouldn’t get with other contractors.

NZ House Check

NZ House Check is a trusted home inspection service for homeowners, buyers and builders in Auckland. The services from NZ House Check are designed to be a full, top to bottom inspection of the house and the property. This is designed to protect potential purchasers and others from making costly mistakes when buying property.

The company is not a franchise and it does not sub building inspections out to other inspectors. When you hire, NZ House Check, the company’s owner comes out to do the inspection himself. In an inspection, he goes from the roof to the crawlspace looking at every point that could be hiding costly damage. From checking the foundation and the roof to smaller things like cabinetry and trim, it all gets covered with NZ House Check.

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