Bathroom Painting

Transform, Refresh, and Redefine Your Home with our Bathroom Painting Service

Bathroom Areas

Our Bathroom painters know that bathrooms are a unique room when it comes to painting.  The products applied here come under stresses that don’t exist elsewhere in a home so paints used need to be up to the task.

These unique stresses include a lack of natural sunlight (which can cause oil based paints to yellow) and the regular presence of moisture which can cause direct damage to paint as well as encourage mould growth.

For these reasons Go 1 Day’s bathroom painters will always use a paint formulated specifically for such conditions:

  • A hard wearing enamel paint (allows for a washable, moisture and abrasion resistant surface)
  • Water-based so it does not yellow over time
  • Has added silver ions to inhibit the growth of mould


Our bathroom painters processes

Most of the steps involved in painting bathrooms are the same as those for regular interior painting projects with a couple of important differences:

  1. Our bathroom painters will check if the previous paint system used was an old oil based enamel
  2. Application of a specially formulated bathroom paint

When our bathroom painters have finished it’s important to let the surfaces fully dry for at least 24 hours before having a bath or shower inside.

Free colour consultation

If choosing paint colours is driving your mad.  We’ll send a qualified colour consultant to help you choose your colour scheme.  Just ask us after you’ve received your quote.

Prices that don’t change

At Go 1 Day Painting you’ll receive a detailed written quote outlining the scope of your project.  Our bathroom painters work from these scopes to ensure your job is finished on time and on budget.

Our accurate, upfront pricing means you’ll never get hit with an unexpected bill you didn’t plan for.