Fence painting & staining

Out of all the areas that make up a home, fences tend to get hit the hardest by the elements.  The suns rays break down the cellulose fibres within the timber which is what causes them to grey, the high exposed surface area of a fence and proximity to the ground also means that a fence soaks up more moisture when it rains.

Go 1 Day’s fence painters can help you avoid the costs associated with having to replace degraded timber by keeping on top of staining or painting your fence.

Before you get a quote it might pay to have a chat to your neighbour – if both sides of your fence are painted at once not only is it cheaper for the both of you but the paint on your side will last longer.  This is because paint on the whole exterior of a fence more effectively locks out moisture then if it’s only on one side.

Fence painting versus fence staining

As a rule, painting always provides more protection from moisture and sun than staining.

If your fence is in relatively good condition you might want to consider staining it as this can give a more luxurious look.

Pros & cons of dark vs light colours

When choosing the colours for your fence, it’s important to remember that darker colours absorb more energy in the form of heat then lighter colours.

This energy will not only break down the paint faster but will also dry out your timber faster.

Darker colours will however hide imperfections better so are more appropriate for rough sawn timber fences.  Lighter colours will look good on machine sawn (smooth) timber fences.

Prices that don’t change

At Go 1 Day Painting you’ll receive a detailed written quote outlining the scope of your project.  Our fence painters work from these scopes to ensure your job is finished on time and on budget.

Our accurate, upfront pricing means you’ll never get hit with an unexpected bill you didn’t plan for.